What I am currently working on


I like to have multiple projects in progress at once, with a goal that each project is in a different area. So if I need to deploy a change and test something for a while I have something else to work on while waiting for data.

Due to the competitive nature of some of the projects I run, some things I am working on may not be specified here.

New Projects

I am finally starting work on a new project that is unrealted to SWTOR, for me this is exciting to be able to start something completely from scratch.

Major updates to existing projects

  • Refining the "GTN Tracker" SWTORData
    • GTN Tracking Tracking is my most recent major addition to SWTORData.
      • I decided to tackle adding GTN tracking in a very Agile way since I wasnt sure how players would use this feature. When it was first released it was very much a version 1 service. There are still many additions I can add to this.
  • Move all of the applications to Docker


A few updates I have on the backburner waiting for other projects to be finished.

  • Improve the integration of SWTOREvents and SWTORCartel into SWTORData
  • Merge SWTORConquest into SWTORData
  • Build a 'communications' microservice to manage all the automated reddit posts, twitter messages, and emails sent by all of the various services
  • Build an API For SWTOREvents, SWTORCartel, and SWTORConquest. Ensuring it works well with the existing SWTORData API
  • Seperate the UI from the applications for all of the above. Making a new UI that is powered by the public API's