Tracking sales of a real money marketplace in Star Wars: The Old Republic

First deployed on December 21, 2014 -- Merged into SWTORData May 5, 2016


I was disapointed that Bioware did not have a way to see the Cartel Market out of the game.

They do new sales every week on Tuesday. One fansite every week would manually build a reddit post and post to her site with these sales. But this did not allow you to easily see history or what any other item costs.

I wanted to build a service that not only tracked the current sales, but allowed you to see price over time and what the current price is on any item. Twitter alerts and reddit posts are automatically generated and posted. The fansite that was previously posting to reddit, I worked with to start generating the posts on her site so we only did the work once.

Third Party Work

The tooltip code also uses a third party library.


This project was in active development for a couple months. In this time I completely rebuilt the search results to be more graphic and added customizable email alerts to new sales.

This service is feature complete. There is not much on its own that can be added.

Very recently (May 5, 2016) I merged SWTORCartel (and SWTOREvents) into SWTORData. This was done on the UI side of things only, the backend they remain seperate applications. I am still looking into how to expand on this merge in the future, including opening up an API.


Merged into SWTORData – www.swtordata.com

You can find more technical details about SWTORCartel on the SWTORData page