SWTORData Mobile App

First deployed on June 19, 2017


For a long time I wanted to build a proper mobile app for SWTORData. While the site always had a responsive UI, it still could not do things like PUsh Notifications and customization.

I also wanted to be able to do a much deeper dive into my API than I was able to do with the Alexa skill, while working on this project I was able to smooth out many of the rough edges in the API.

Third Party Work

I worked with 2 of my friends on this app. One friend did a lot of the CSS work on the UI, and the other friend focused on the "SWTORBOT" (which is his service, that also consumes many of my API's) portion of the app


The initial version of the App was very rough, it had very little to distinguish it from the website. Nothing really to justify there being an app. Our plan was to get the intial app out there, and figure out what people wanted.

Based on feedback and our own pushed back plans, we very quickly launched a V2 of the app. The app was almost entirely redesigned with a brand new UI and new major features.

V2 is where we added the ability to customize your home screen, push notifications to things you may care about, the "Feed", and more.

Since V2 we have pushd out a few updates primarily building on top of the V2 framework. Like adding GTN data to the app.


Live – http://swtordata.com/api/example_usage/officialapp